at the Ayurvedic Center "Selinda" in Baden-Baden

After a number of years I'm now offering a Painting Seminar again because so many of you have asked me to.

The seminar is wholistic in its own way, as it combines intuitive painting, music and dance. Sharing and talking about what we've experienced is an important part of the seminar. This kind of open, multifaceted and creative work inspires us to deal with issues that we're currently facing. Oftentimes we arrive at solutions that our soul is showing us.

This kind of painting is foremost an inner process and an experience that makes us still. Any kind of painting experience or knowledge is not a prerequisite.

Place: The "Selinda" Center is located right in the heart of Baden-Baden in one of the most wonderful historic buildings in the city, the Victoria House, near the park. The rooms inside are designed in a wholistic way and are presenting therefore an immspiring atmosphare for our seminar. Two meals with healing herbs are being offered.
Further information about the "Selinda" Center:

Price: 350,- Euro incl. material and meals 

27. and 28. August 2005
17. and 18. September 2005

Please be sure to register early since there are limited spaces available.
Register with the artist by phone: +49 - (0)7221 - 96 78 08 or
via eMail:

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