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Product Overwiew
  • Greeting Cards
    Double cards, size: 12,5 x 18 cm with envelope. If you buy 10, you get the 11th card for free (11 for 10).
    42 different motifs to choose from
    Price: 3,20 Euro per piece
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  • Flying Angels
    Three angels each, Size approx. 14 x 8 cm
    Price: 7,70 Euro per piece
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  • Art Book
    Art Book with 33 pictures and inspiring messages from Judit Hildebrandt.
    Description: 20 x 25 cm, 70 pages, approx. 40 pictures, 33 whole page pictures with messages and prayers.
    Price: 21,48 Euro
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  • Art Posters DIN A4
    12 different motifs to choose from
    Price: 8,00 Euro per piece
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  • Art Posters 30 x 40 cm
    Digital prints. Can be used to decorate spaces, rooms, etc. The energies of the original paintings are still present in the art posters, therefore they are often used for healing purposes. People who have a soul connection to the paintings often report that these art posters have healing effects on them.
    Many different motifs, 7 of them are new.
    Size: approx. 30 x 40 cm.
    Price: 13,00 Euro per piece
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  • Protection Cards
    Size: 5,5 x 8,5 cm. Angel motifs are printed on the little cards and contain high energies because of the original paintings, all from Judit Hildebrandt.
    Therefore they can be used for protection and healing. You can use them to charge something up or to lay them on something or someone. 33 different motifs to choose from.
    Five new protection cards available.
    Price: 3,00 Euro per piece
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  • Protection Card Set
    A unique gift

    All 28 protection cards. Size of the cards: 5,5 x 8,5 cm.
    Price: 57,00 Euro
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  • Birthday Book / Calender
    A perfect gift with 53 paintings from a "visionary world": Flowers, devas, angels, heavenly beings.
    Hardcover, Size: 17 x 24,7 cm.
    Price:27,00 Euro
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  • Letter Paper of Angels
    30 pieces pf paper
    4 different motifs to select from
    Price: 12,00 Euro per piece
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  • Cards of Flowers
    Post cards 12,5 x 18,5 cm.
    Art cards from the world of the devas.
    If you buy 10, you get the 11th card for free (11 for 10).
    8 different motifs to choose from.
    Price: 1,80 Euro per piece
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  • Posters 50 x 70 cm
    3 different motifs to choose from.
    Price: 20,00 Euro per piece
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  • Angel-Mobile
    with six angels, approx. 50 x 90 cm,
    handcrafted with wood and silver thread.
    Price: 19,80 Euro per piece
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  • Art Calendar2004
    Calendar 2004: "Light Worlds", with different motifs i.e. Loving Angel, Angel of Victory, Blessing Jesus, Babaji, Cosmic Grail.
    Price: 19,00 Euro per calendar
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  • Art Calendar 2006 "Divine Love"
    The calender contains the new paintings from a painting cycle in 2005.

    In our current times our consciousness is gaining more clarity and becomes more conscious of its own divinity. It's also time for purification and change. Therefore the divine love grows stronger within our hearts.

    These themes I've painted about, for example "Gate to the Light", "Dual Souls", "Divine Mother", "Seraphin", Angel of Joy", "Higher Self".

    I'm recommending these paintings as powerful companions for the year 2006.
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  • Art Calendar 2007 "Light Beings"
    Motives: Light Being, Aquamarin, Iris-Deva, Swami Vishwananda, Dhanvanthari, Angel of joy, Meditation angel...
    Price: 27,00 Euro per calendar
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  • Reproduction of paintings
    - on paper:
     Single digital prints, all motifs available.
    Sizes: 50 x 70 cm to approx. 85 x 120 cm.
    - on backlight foil: That's a special foil. If the lights shines in from the back (for example through a window) it shows radiant colors. The picture will appear really special.
    - on canvas: copies of the original oil paintings are printed directly on canvas.
    Sizes: 70 x 90 cm and 90 x 120 cm.
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