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About Judit Hildebrandt

Judit Hildebrandt

About myself and my work
I was born in Budapest. I studied graphic arts and design in Munich as well as at the Academy of Arts and the Copperplate Engraving Cabinet in Rome. In this city I also met my first spiritual teacher and experienced this as a re-awakening of my inner being.

In the course of the following 20 years of my work as an artist I worked as a designer for various international companies (fashion and decoration fabrics, silk cloths, porcelain, carpets). In addition, I worked as a graphic designer, I illustrated books and designed book covers (e.g. Ars Edition, ABC publishing house, Aquamarine publishing house). For several years I ran my own Silk Gallery and created my own silk collections. As a visionary artist, I left my mark in all these areas with my ornamental and colorful creations.

In all these years, I was very much involved with spiritual theories and got to know various kinds of yoga, spiritual healing, visual meditations and the teachings of the White Brotherhood. All this were stages on my path which ultimately flow together into one channel and which find expression in my creative work. The source of my painting is my experience, my knowledge and my intuition. In my pictures I depict emotional and spiritual energies in the shape of different beings. Archangels, angels, devas and goddesses are different aspects of creation with whom we get in touch and which help us to master our daily life. My task as a painter is to get in touch with these energies, to live through them and to convert them into appropriate colors and shapes. With these vibrating pictures I convey the power I have witnessed and with them I would like to expand the space of love and healing. They have a healing effect – as many people have experienced - and are filled by a positive power.

Spiritual symbols, mythological themes and mystical experiences are the subject matter of my pictures: archangel, Grail, Phoenix, bird of fire, magic flute, Excalibur, goddesses... My pictures are windows to the divine.

Watching these pictures and capturing their spirit opens doors to our higher consciousness. Each of us comes in touch with different experiences, perceptions, discoveries and help through these pictures.

Let your intuition guide you to find the right companion. I believe the angels love colors, opulence, joy of life, things that are soft and yet powerful, the loving and tender, which will lead us to our essence. I try to pass on all these qualities in my pictures.

The angel cards and other reproductions published by my own publishing house "Edition Stella" are sold in many countries all over the world. For 20 years I have been showing my pictures at various exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In my seminars "Intuitive Painting" I teach painting based on inner experiences.

Expositions, i.e.:
  • 1981 Rome , Italy,
    (copperplate engraving cabinet)

  • 1989 Interlaken, Austria

  • 1989 Wildbad, Germany

  • 1989 Pforzheim, Germany

  • 1990 Bremen, Germany

  • 1993 Budapest, Hungary (Opera)

  • 1994 - 1997 expositions in congresses
    (Cologne, Basel, Hamburg, Zurich, Mainz, Munich)

  • 1997 Baden-Baden, Germany,
    Brenners Park Hotel

  • 1998 Kassel, Germany, Habichtswaldklinik

  • 1999 Mondsee, Austria

  • 2000 Zurich, Switzerland

  • 2002 Baden-Baden, Germany (Friedrichsbad)

  • 2003 Zurich, Switzerland

  • 2003 - 2005 Baden-Baden, Germany, Studio
    - mainly painting of new paintings in oil,
    - large paintings and paravants,
    - altar pictures,
    - guardian angel paintings,
    - commission work for private & healing rooms,
    - painting seminars.

Doves (2005)

Curriculum Vitae: Judit Hildebrandt
  • Born: 12.2.1954

  • 1968 - 1972 Gymnasium Budapest
  • 1972 - 1973 High school Budapest
  • 1974 Graficstudio Burke, Munich
  • 1975 - 1979 Blocherer School, Munich: study of commercial art and design
  • 1976 - 1978 Course of animated cartoon in the studio Remenyik
  • 1980 - 1982 Education in the copperplate engraving cabinet of
    Rome Course of drawing in the academy of arts of Rome
  • 2000 - 2001 study: introduction in old-master technics of painting

    Professional life
  • 1979
    Cooperation in a ORF - animated cartoon production

  • 1979 - 1982
    Cooperation with different german and italian publishers, also with the Intercontinental Greeting Publisher, New York: design of greeting cards, letter equipments.

  • since 1981 Occupation with spiritual themes and learning of spiritual methods (meditation, yoga, spiritual healing) 1981 Two expositions in the copperplate engraving cabinet in Rome (etchings)

  • 1982
    Cooperation with 2 textile studios in Rom (textile design)

  • 1982 - 1988
    In Munich: working as commercial artist and painter: Illustrations, design of signets, Textile design in textile studio in Munich 1988 Book illustration for Ars Edition, Munich

  • since 1987
    Creation of own collection (silk clothes)

  • since 1988
    Free artistic work (pictures in oil and on silk), design (textile, silk)

  • 1988 - 1990
    Opening of own Silk Gallery in Bad Wildbad (black forest)

  • 1988 - 1990
    Designs for MONDI (textile)

  • 1989
    Expositions (for several months) of my pictures in Interlaken (Switzerland), Wildbad, Pforzheim (Germany)

  • 1990 - 1991
    Expositions in congresses in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz, Baden-Baden designs for signets and furniture fabric (Switzerland)

  • since 1990
    Reproductions of my pictures p.e. at publishers ABC (Switzerland) and Aquamarin (Germany), free artistic works (phantastic and mystic pictures) Courses in "Painting and the meaning of colours", courses in "Intuitive painting" for children and adults

  • 1993
    Exposition "Fire-Bird" in the Opera of Budapest (Hungaria)

  • 1994/96
    Dessins for textile companies; Design for china (p.e. Rosenthal); design of collections of carpets (p.e. for the companies Kibek, Hamburg, MTM Munich) Foundation of "Edition-Stella" (publisher for reproductions of my pictures)

  • Since 1997 mostly artistic work, painting seminars for children and adults

  • 2001
    Publication of the Art Book "Himmlische Welten" (Publishing House: Hans-Nietsch-Verlag)

  • 2001 - 2002
    Contract work for "Traumreise für die Seele" (Dream Journey for the Soul) contributing to the fashion and light design, and to the stage design as well.

  • 2003 - 2005
    Baden-Baden, Studio: mainly painting of new paintings in oil, large paintings and paravants, altar pictures, guardian angel paintings, commission work for private and healing rooms, painting seminars. 

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