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    I paint the Soul Paintings out of my intuition with no intention to have something appear in a concrete form on the painting.
    The painting is only meant for the person itself. It is an expression of the person here and now created with colors and energy patterns.
    It's recommended to use the soul painting in your meditations, it will help to restore inner peace and come back to your very own center.
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    Our guardian angel is part of our soul who accompanies us on our path through life. He/She serves the divine in us and is in close contact with us through our inner voice.
    In my paintings they appear in clear forms and definite colors, and with symbols as well.
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    at the Ayurvedic Center "Selinda" in Baden-Baden
    After a number of years I'm now offering a Painting Seminar again because so many of you have asked me to.
    The seminar is wholistic in its own way, as it combines intuitive painting, music and dance.
    Sharing and talking about what we've experienced is an important part of the seminar.
    This kind of open, multifaceted and creative work inspires us to deal with issues that we're currently facing.
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    Painting religious figures from the bible or other Holy Men and Women in special buildings and chapels.
    This kind of contract work demands more preparation and several personal talks so that I can present a comprehensive offer.
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  • New original oil paintings
    In the gallery the latest oil paintings are being displayed for your view.
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  • Art Calendar 2003 and 2004
    Wonderful Art Calendars (four colors and gold) There are still some calendars available for only 19,- Euro (16% tax included), add shipping & transportation cost.
    Calendar 2003: Angels World, with different angels and archangels: i.e. Raphael, Michael, Chamuel and Jophiel.
    Calendar 2004: Light Worlds, with different motifs i.e. Loving Angel, Angel of Victory, Blessing Jesus, Babaji, Cosmic Grail.
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Latest Products

  • Art Calendar 2006 "Divine Love"
    The calendar contains the new paintings from a painting cycle in 2005.
    In our current times our consciousness is gaining more clarity and becomes more conscious of its own divinity. It's also time for purification and change. Therefore the divine love grows stronger within our hearts.
    These themes I've painted about, for example "Gate to the Light", "Dual Souls", "Divine Mother", "Seraphin", Angel of Joy", "Higher Self".
    I'm recommending these paintings as powerful companions for the year 2006.
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    Judit Hildebrandt painting

  • Birthday Book / Calender
    A perfect gift with 53 paintings from a "visionary world": Flowers, devas, angels, heavenly beings.
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  • Protection Card-Set - A unique gift
    All 25 protection cards are contained in a beautiful box. Angel motifs are printed on the little cards and contain high energies because of the original paintings.
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  • Three new protection cards
    Three new protection cards are now available: Isis, Pallas Athene and the Goddess of Spring.
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  • Art Posters 30 x 40 cm
    Digital prints. Can be used to decorate spaces, rooms, etc. The energies of the original paintings are still present in the art posters, therefore they are often used for healing purposes. 38 different motifs, 12 of them are new.
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  • Reproduction of paintings
    - on paper:
     Single digital prints, all motifs available.
    Sizes: 50 x 70 cm to approx. 85 x 120 cm.
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    - on backlight foil: That's a special foil. If the lights shines in from the back (for example through a window) it shows radiant colors. The picture will appear really special.
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    - on canvas: copies of the original oil paintings are printed directly on canvas. Sizes: 70 x 90 cm and 80 x 100 cm.
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Judit Hildebrandt.
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